Sacramento County Bar

Benefits Program


  • Limits to $10MM+

  • Primary & XS

  • Admitted Markets available (Non Admitted for some areas of practice/distressed)

  • Preferred and Distressed Markets

  • All sized firms

  • Employed Lawyers coverage available

Errors & Omission coverage provided by Lawyers Mutual for smaller law practices. They provide $100,000 of free Cyber coverage. Lawyers Mutual is best known for their:

-Stability     -Expertise     -Transparency     -Accessibility     -Longevity

For one person firms to 500 person firms with or without losses coverage is provided by (but not limited to):

-Travelers     -Allied Open     -Aspen     -Berkley     -Liberty     -Markel   

-Starr     -Beazley     -London     -Westchester/Chubb     -Kinsale     -Axis Pro